A FujiFilm X-A2, including a Fujinon XC 16-50mm and a Fujinon XC 50-230mm. It provides only a limited range of post-processing features, but is surprisingly small and lightweight for its large and low-noise ASP-C sensor. In addition, it provides a bright flash, and, most importantly, a screen that can be flipped by nearly 180 degrees to take a huge amount of selfies! (Well, I can give it a try. Up to now, I rarely felt that need to take pictures of myself…)

Afterwards, all the images end up in digiKam, a free (as in speech) photo management software. I usually do not postprocess images. Finally I put them on this WordPress instance runnig the Travellator theme, which I adjusted to make sure it always looks good. To enable multiple languages, I use qTranslate X — it’s a shame WordPress does not come with such a feature by default.