While I mostly write this blog for my family and friends back home, I’m still glad about any other reader! So in case you stumbled accross this blog, I would like to provide some more detail.

My name is Florian and I was born in 1990 in a small town in the western part of Westphalia in Germany. Although I started my adult life studying political science, I finished a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and contiued with a Master’s in Automotive Systems dealing with automotive electronics and information technology. Simultaneously, I always had myself sidetracked by interesting other activities*, but a few months ago I decided to save some of the money I earned working at iSAtech and the Humboldt University to spend some time abroad.

* for example at the CCT, writing a useful summary of TU Berlin statistics courses, writing a bachelor’s thesis on an interesting topic in statistics that was only remotely related to my field of studies. My latest eccentric hobby are ballroom and latin dances.